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California Kitchen
10 El Gheith Street
El Agouza
Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: +2 (02) 3346 6284
Mobile: +2 012 111 969 30
From door to door, CK gets the  stamp. From our baking to our packaging, our work is not mass, so it is treated and sealed with the utmost of care. The packaging is safe and tight for the road to your local supermarket. Likewise, the ride to the store is cool & comfortable, keeping your goods fresh at all times. 
We deliver comfort through the simplicity of our products.  Just as in your home, there is something for everyone. The plain yellow cake for the classic & the the red velvet cake for the birthday girl. Seeing our products in your go-to supermarket, always gives that feeling of “ohh, finally something familiar,” & that is exactly the kind of   mode we want our customers to be in.
Our brand is built on . Not only do we vouch for that through the authenticity of our CK relationships, but also with the authenticity of the what we are feeding you. We understand that to love yourself is to love your body and nourish it with care. We only use the best, cleanest, least artificial products in the market. 
A home is only a home if spick and spam. We bring that  to the kitchen, with our team of superwomen who keep the place spotless & a quality control person designated for overseeing. We value the cleanliness of the end product, but more importantly, our bakers value the absolute cleanest working environment. 
is a source of all things good in the world. A mother is also the source of CK. As the Arabic saying goes, “Mona 3andaha nafas fel akl,” or Mona has a special touch in the kitchen. And so she begun with her little wonders in the kitchen, with the support of her family. With time, the little homey kitchen expanded, to accomodate for a dozen working mom’s - all with a ton of love to give through their baking.
To feel is to feel at home. Nostalgia is at the core of our brand history as well as our brand strategy. When we reminisce, we think of togetherness and special moments, which more often than not, involve sable, your grandma, and Agamy 😉  
CK is a brand that strives to contribute to your Happiness comes in all shapes and forms but most often it comes in a funky looking black and white box, and covered in the perfect sweetness. CK reminds you daily (or for you strong-willed ones, weekly,) that you worked for this treat and you deserve it.